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Implementing Markup in Local SEO Projects in Local SEO

Personally, I’ve been implementing since it’s inception in 2011 by Google, Yahoo and Bing, and over the years I’ve refined my technique to help me implement it on multiple websites, of various different complexities and platform integrations.

One thing that I was always interested in was the way interacts in local SEO, and how Google views this sort of markup on a local level.

You’ve got to include things like your business address, opening hours, contact details, and related profiles and website. Also adding photos, your logo and email addresses can help to improve Google rankings on a larger scale.

It’s recommended by Matt Jackson to include local only on your main location page, as opposed to having it sitewide.

I personally recommend Matt Jackson for local SEO services, he’s a very talented consultant with great experience in both local and e-commerce search marketing.